Head Start Day Nursery, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.
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Head Start Day Nursery, New Barnet, Herts.

Working in partnership with parents to provide the ‘head start’ your children deserve.

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Education and Development

Creative Development
A wide range of equipment and resources is provided to stimulate your child’s imaginative development. Your child will be encouraged to explore and develop their own creativity through painting, cutting and sticking, collage, pattern making, modelling and learning about primary and secondary colours.

knowledge & Understanding of the World
Children will be able to investigate their environment and the world incorporating an understanding of different cultures, seasons and appreciation of animals, wildlife, etc.

Personal & Social Development
Head Start will encourage independence and confidence, enabling your child to establish effective relationships whilst remaining sensitive to the needs of others. We will teach an understanding of right and wrong behaviour and manners. Personal skills such as brushing teeth, washing, etc. become part of our daily routines.


Language & Literacy
Talking and listening skills will be developed through books, song, rhymes, music, role play, writing and reading; enabling your children to progress with confidence.

A wide range of practical activities provide children with an understanding and recognition of shapes, numbers and simple addition and subtraction. Activities will also include an awareness of early science, e.g. weighing, measuring, floating and sinking.

Physical Development
A child’s healthy physical development is encouraged through a daily routine of exercise, both indoor and outdoor (weather permitting), through free play and group organised activities. Physical control, mobility and manipulative developed through music and movement and the use of constructional toys.

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