Head Start Day Nursery, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.
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Head Start Day Nursery, New Barnet, Herts.

Working in partnership with parents to provide the ‘head start’ your children deserve.

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Our baby rooms offer a homely, comfortable and warm environment in which you, as a parent, can be reassured that your child is being left in safe, dedicated and professional hands.

The high ratio of qualified staff provide lots of cuddles and attention and they work very closely with parents both before and after your child enters nursery, discussing feed and sleep patterns and development.

The children are in small groups of their own age and as they progress the correct play equipment is provided to stimulate all aspects of their individual needs and development. A record of your child’s day is kept as well as development records which are discussed with parents.

We provide all nappies, milk and food. Feeding bottles, nappy creams, blankets and sheets are provided for each child and only that child will use them.

Staff will liaise closely with parents in the transfer to a toddler diet.

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