Head Start Day Nursery, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.
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Head Start Day Nursery, New Barnet, Herts.

Working in partnership with parents to provide the ‘head start’ your children deserve.

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There is a policy of no physical punishment at Head Start. We promote all positive aspects of child behaviour and staff encourage the children to adhere to basic goals and boundaries in ways which are appropriate to their level of understanding and age. Through self-disciplined and co-operation the children are encouraged to develop respect and understanding of others.

Child Protection
Head start works in partnership with parents and respects confidentiality. However, the Children’s Act 1989 places a clear responsibility on childcare and education establishments to ensure they work together with other agencies to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children. The safety and development of all children is paramount.

Equal Opportunities
Children of all race, religion, culture, linguistic background and ability are treated as individuals by staff in order that they feel equally valued within the nursery environment. The Nursery is committed to the integration of all children regardless of ability and in certain circumstances 1:1 ratios may be applied.


Illness & Medication
Children who are ill should not attend the Nursery and parents are asked to inform the staff if the child is going to be absent. We are prepared to give medication provided the parent gives written permission. If a child becomes ill while at Nursery staff will contact the parent/ guardian or the emergency contact indicated on the registration form. It is, therefore, imperative that these details are kept up to date.

Complaints Procedure
If a parent has a complaint with regard to the care their child is receiving they should discuss the problem with the appropriate Senior Nursery Officer. If a satisfactory conclusion cannot be reached then further discussion with the Nursery Manager will be required.

In the unlikely event of a complaint being unsatisfactorily resolved contact should be made to:

Ofsted – Early Years Directorate

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